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Projects in germany

Projects in Germany

We're active in all parts of Germany, not just confined to the local area. You can get a good overview of what we do from this project list for Germany.

Project list / Germany

•    Essen, Christoph Hildebrand, Art Object 2007
•    FIFA Football Globe for the World Cup Finals held in Germany in 2006
•    Essen, Colosseum Theatre, façade lighting for the musical Aida by Elton John & Tim Rice, 2003
•    Cologne, Parion Insurance Company Head Office, Foyer, T8 hot cathodes, 2002
•    Berlin, Zoobogen, exterior, blue cold cathodes, 2001
•    Düsseldorf, IKB Industriebank, slimline hot and cold cathodes, 1999
•    Illuminations for shop concepts – L'Oréal

Other projects

Cologne, REWE Head Office, T5 tubes as cove lighting (2009)
Norddeich: Frisia Shipping Company, cold cathodes as cove lighting and all-round roof bordering, (2009)
Münster, Restaurant am Aassee, T5 cove lighting (2008)
Essen, Colosseum Theatre, for the musical Mamma Mia (2008)
Mülheim, Hotel am Mühlenbruch, high output cold cathodes as all-round roof lighting (2008)
Dortmund, Simone M. Ph. Jasinski, Art Object (2007)
Hannover, VGH Insurance Company, hot cathodes as cove lighting (2007)
Düsseldorf, WLB Bank, slimline lighting system for glass stairs (2007)
Essen, RÜ Karree, slimline cove lighting (2006)
Cologne, Media Park, 3D slimline lighting systems (2006)
Wolfsburg, Car City, special lighting system T5-Technik (2006)
Duisburg, Savings Bank, T8 cove lighting (2006)
Essen, Bamler Service Park, slimline cove lighting (2006)
Weimar, National Theatre, Maria Stuart, T8 cove lighting (2006)
Essen, Art Object Spam (2006)
Passau, Central Bus Station, cold cathodes as all-round roof lighting and background lighting (2006)
Cannstatt Carre, cold cathodes as cove lighting (2005)
Duisburg Landscape Park, cold cathode rings on chimney stacks (2004)
Essen, VHS, mikado ceiling lights (2003)
Wuppertal EDE Building, slimline as all-round roof contouring (2001)
Cologne, Parion Insurance Company, Foyer, T8 hot cathodes (2001)
Berlin, Daimler-Chrysler, Truck Stores (throughout Europe since 2001)
Düsseldorf Airport, redevelopment, slimline lighting system / ThyssenKrupp escalators and lifts (2000)